How We’re Different

Distance education concepts, showing how our knowledge differs from other consultants.Unlike some consultants, we don’t expect you to teach us the online or distance education business.  We already know it.

Our expertise falls in several non-academic areas, including marketing and student recruitment, student services, talent and team assessment, contact center management, career services, and other related functions.

We listen to your current issues and problems, then custom tailor solutions to solve them.  In some cases, we present game-changing solutions that can significantly improve your business, not just solve your current area of concern.  We’ve introduced paradigm-shifting processes and that have quickly ramped up enrollments and changed the future of client schools.

Finally, we believe that a good consultant shouldn’t overstay his welcome.  We know that you’re there to run your business, and that we are there as a guide to point you in the right direction.  Once you’ve learned what we can teach you, we leave you alone to carry on and move forward.