What Others Say About Us

We don’t like to blow our own horn–

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So here’s what others have said about us!


Once in each generation, the field of private distance education produces a creative, visionary pioneer in direct marketing who stands out among his peers. Ron Gregory, in my view, is one of these visionary people. He combines a continuously tested commonsense approach to the science of marketing with a true flair for the art of marketing. When people like Mr. Gregory come on the scene in a generation, all of us interested in optimizing our marketing tactics would be smart to pay attention.”

Michael P. Lambert,

Executive Director,

Distance Education and Training Council


I was thrilled by the wide range of realistic and useful suggestions and services from Gregory & Partners.  Not only do they speak authoritatively from many years of experience in distance-education marketing, but they are also well versed in personnel evaluation, recruiting advice, and training.  They helped us clarify several issues, and helped give us the confidence to move ahead on others.  They were spot on in all their recommendations.  Ron and Elaine are a delight to work with. I would highly recommend them.”

Dorene Petersen,


American College of Healthcare Sciences


We needed to improve our recruitment efforts and hired Gregory & Partners to help us out.  We have been truly delighted with the results.  They took a practical, straight-forward approach with every assignment, and the outcomes have been well above our expectations.  Because of G&P, we now have a stronger creative strategy, updated advertising methods, a more effective website, and better-trained and motivated enrollment counselors.  Our student recruitment results have been very gratifying, too!

Gary R. Masterton,


American School


Life is full of lessons from many kinds of teachers. Over the past year, we at Ashworth College have worked with Ron Gregory and his associates at Gregory & Partners – a teaching relationship that has generated a number of important learnings in predictive modeling and analytics. Their work resulted in expense savings, better lead nurturing, and added enrollments from prospective students. Just as life’s teachers can guide us, so too has G&P shown us how to become more efficient in our inquiry-conversion processes. I’m sure that other education clients of G&P will find their knowledge and guidance equally valuable.”

Tim O’Connor,

VP – Marketing,

Ashworth College


Ron Gregory was highly recommended to our company by experts in the online field who said he should be the first phone call we make for consulting help.  We gave him a very specific focus, a fixed price, and a tight deadline and he delivered on all three requirements.  His suggestions were specific, practical, and implementable, and all of them were ‘on the mark.’  What we wanted and needed, we got.  We intend to use him again.”

David Smith,

V.P- Corporate Marketing & Strategic Development,

NESI, Inc.

Richard Milburn High School


The decision to work with Gregory & Partners was an easy one. I had seen several of Ron’s presentations and was familiar with his reputation as a valued advisor and leader within the education community.  After meeting with Ron and Elaine I was thoroughly impressed. They conducted an in-depth Needs Analysis for my University through research and meetings with key members of my team. The report that resulted was thorough, refreshing, and helpful to say the least! Their recommendations led to more efficient and effective processes, as well as increased revenue and decreased spending”

Tom Neal,


California Coast University


I couldn’t have been more pleased with the depth of knowledge and help that Gregory & Partners was able to bring to our marketing program. They were extremely well prepared when they visited us the first time, and unlike most consultants, whom you’re training more than they are helping you, we received sound input and lots of great ideas from them right off the bat.”

Susi Santorelli,

Vice President,

Rhodec International