How We Work

School administrators meetingSince we offer a variety of services, we work in several different ways.

For many consulting assignments, we first conduct a Needs Assessment covering your areas of concern.  We use the results of this assessment to determine the best practices and develop custom solutions that would help you meet your challenges – which we then present to you in detail.  Should you require help in implementing those solutions, or want to learn specific techniques for implementation, we stand ready to do so.

For assignments with finite time requirements, we generally quote on a project basis.  We quote on an hourly basis for ongoing assignments, such as implementation and follow-up work, because the time commitments vary and usually can’t be estimated accurately in advance.

For our specialty services, such as inquiry scoring using predictive modeling, or using live video chat to contact prospective or current students, our fees are quoted a variety of ways — based on accepted practice for those services.

Contact us for a discussion about your concerns or upcoming project.  We’ll be glad to estimate our fees and build a proposal for you to review.