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If you build it, will they enroll? DETC 2012 Fall Workshop Session

Posted by on Oct 24, 2012 in Education Trends, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Techniques, Student Recruiting | 0 comments

So when you decide to build a new academic program or course, how do you know it will be successful?  Will enough students enroll to make it worthwhile?  Or even profitable?  How about graduates of the program?  Will they have good  career prospects from completing your program?  And what does success look like, anyway?

All of these questions were addressed in the roundtable session conducted by Ron Gregory at the DETC 2012 Fall Workshop last week — along with the somewhat dire consequences of failing to answer them before selecting a new program to develop.

You can download and read all of these points, ideas, and attendee comments in two PDF documents by clicking here: Ron’s presentation, “Selecting Winning Academic Programs,” and a “Summary of Comments.”

The session began with a presentation by Ron that included hints, tips, and a suggested method for selecting winning academic programs for development.  Many of these were contributed by colleagues at DETC-accredited institutions.  Others came from Ron’s 20-plus years of experience as an inside marketer and an outside consultant for DETC schools.  The attendees then commented on various aspects of the topic and added their ideas and methods to the discussion.

One key preface was that many schools decide to develop programs that are closely related to programs they already offer.  While this is certainly an important consideration, it can often overshadow more critical reasons for selecting a new program — namely, its marketability to prospective students, and the likelihood of job placements or promotions for its graduates.  Ron enumerated many reasons why these two considerations are vital in making the decision about whether or not to develop new programs.

The summary of the session and attendee comments is also reproduced in the remainder of this post. (more…)

Ramping Up Enrollment Conversion

Posted by on Mar 5, 2009 in Marketing Techniques, Student Recruiting, White Paper | 0 comments

With the unusual economic times we’re living through, it becomes more imperative than ever that online schools and distance education institutions market with smart techniques.  One of the biggest problems facing schools is how to more efficiently convert their inquiries into solid enrollments. 

 This article, written by Ron Gregory, G&P’s president, was published by the Distance Education and Training Council in December.  It contains a round-up of ideas for conversion marketing that can online schools market smarter.

Read More, or open and download this article, published as a Special Bulletin by the DETC, by clicking here:

Ramping Up Enrollment Conversion in a Declining Economy