Talent and Teams

Illustration of talent and team assessmentEvery institution has its challenges attracting and developing strong talent.  Without the right people doing the right jobs, your school’s operation will be sub-optimal – hampering your ability to serve students or grow as quickly.

We have helped our client schools upgrade their students’ experience by evaluating operations teams and recommending improvements.  This assessment by our resident Professional Behavioral Analyst includes interviewing your team members and profiling their work styles.  With these results we can recommend training or changes in procedures, responsibilities, and staff.

We might also identify a hiring need, on which we can advise and train you to fulfill, using our experience as professional search consultants.  In some cases our recommendations include ideas and directions you have never considered – but which will improve your use of talent — or will confirm for you a direction that you have been considering, but are uncertain of how to proceed.

If you have a nagging staffing or talent issue, let’s talk it over.  Contact us for an initial chat.