Student Services

Student services representatives at workOur expertise extends to the student services area of client schools.

We examine three key categories when analyzing these areas:
Technology and systems must serve both the student and the institution effectively.  Whether your systems include CRM software, a website portal for student self-service, or a cloud-based automated call distributor (ACD), they should all be integrated and improve the student experience.

Tolerances are the levels at which you’re prepared to serve various categories of students, including varying tiers, thresholds, and standards of service.  A needs analysis of this area includes an evaluation of the student groups you serve, and what levels of service they expect, along with your internal benchmarks of performance standards.

Talent includes a look at personnel assigned to the student services and collections areas.  We evaluate their work profiles, their attitudes toward students, the school, and the job, as well as their levels of service and knowledge of performance expectations.  Without highly motivated, well-trained representatives in these key areas, your service component will lack the high quality needed for long-term success.

Once the needs are identified, we prescribe the solutions and outcomes required — which might include a custom training program, specific technology upgrades, or revamped tiers of service.  Then we can guide you through the process to a successful, measurable improvement in your servicing capabilities.

Let us know if we can help you in your service areas by contacting us for an initial chat.