Looking at Operations GroupsYour operational areas or cross-departmental teamwork may need a closer look. Maybe student services or career services has some performance issues that need to be addressed. With our experience working in these critical areas, you can rely on us to help.

Do you have a team that doesn’t work well together or with other teams? We can assess that team and suggest changes and/or training to solve the problem. We will also recommend ways we see that would improve your use of talent. Our client schools have found our advice invaluable in such assignments.

Does your student services department need some updating or tuning up? We’ve worked for many years in the area, and can help you improve your systems, procedures and call priorities. This will upgrade your students’ experience with your school, while it also increases retention rates.

Need help placing some graduates? We have plenty of experience with professional recruiting and placement, and can help you structure an effective career services function – without much overhead.

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