Live Video Chat

Live Video Chat in ProgressGregory & Partners has introduced a revolutionary inquiry-conversion solution for educational institutions:  Live Video Chat.  We believe this is the best inquiry conversion method known to man.  Admittedly, this is a big claim, but it’s one that we can support.  Please read on…

Beta tests in for-profit schools have shown that live video chat beats any other conversion technique available.  In tests at higher education institutions, this live video chat service, has delivered a dramatic lift in success levels — more than doubling conversion rates for those schools.  Inbound contact rates remained near 100%, while conversion approached 40% on the first contact!

How can this be?  It turns out that, not surprisingly, adding the personal touch of live video chat quickly engages prospects and ramps up their level of interest.  As you can imagine, this level of engagement is much higher than what ordinary text chat produces.  In fact live video chat is the next best thing to a personal visit with an advisor, because it’s a live, face-to-face interaction.

Most institutions using text chat to contact prospects attempt to move these contacts to a phone conversation for additional engagement.  By contrast, instant video chat starts a personal conversation from the first moment of contact – one that’s even more absorbing than a phone call.  Since one’s face conveys over half the information when communicating, the impact and level of engagement are much greater with live video than with voice alone.

Any concerns about the reliability of this video chat platform were dispelled by the major firms using this cloud-based technology over the past few years.  These include Intel, IBM, and Microsoft, and Chrysler.  Most have employed live video chat to successfully convert uncertain prospects to the next step of their sales process.

Now our partner organization that developed this technology has used the experience of serving these high-profile firms to custom-fit live video chat for the education industry.  The technology has been enhanced with the latest innovations in interactive marketing and can be utilized productively by institutions both large and small.

To learn more, please contact us for an initial discussion and demonstration.