Offering Game-Changing Solutions

for Online and Distance Education

Gregory & Partners offers solutions to today’s unique marketing and operational challenges faced by online and distance-education schools. With more than 25 years of combined experience working for and with online education and distance education schools, we know the problems you face, and we can help.

Unlike most consultants, we act as your personal coach – not like an “expert from afar.”  We want you to learn how to improve processes for yourself – not continue to work with us ad infinitum.

Our expertise and coaching focuses on the non-academic areas of online and distance education, including:

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We can help you solve your most complex marketing and operational issues, like we have for many other institutions.  Find out how by contacting us for an initial chat.


Once in each generation, the field of private distance  education produces a creative, visionary pioneer in direct marketing who stands out among his peers. Ron Gregory, in my view, is one of these visionary people..."

 -- Michael Lambert, Executive Director, Distance Education and Training Council